Jesus Weeks 2021

What would you think if someone told you that one day Jesus will return to judge all things?

Does the Bible really make such claims? What qualifies Jesus to judge? Will Jesus' judgement affect you?

Each year, Uni Bible Group runs Jesus Weeks – offering the UOW campus and our friends the opportunity to consider who Jesus really is, and why it's significant for us.

In 2021, the Jesus Weeks theme is "Jesus: Qualified to Judge?"

It's a huge and potentially jarring question. What gives anyone the right to judge, let alone Jesus?

The Bible makes some massive claims about who Jesus is. In the Bible there is wonderful news that shows us that Jesus is indeed qualified to judge and that His judgement is actually great news – and hard news, if we haven't responded rightly.

Want to find out more? Read ahead for ways you can find out why Jesus is qualified to judge.

What's On During Jesus Weeks?


Hear God's Word explain why Jesus is qualified to judge!

Bible Studies

In small groups, consider the Bible's answers to some "big" questions.


Meet someone to chat about life, ask questions and read the Bible.

Helpful Resources

If you're not at a stage where you're comfortable with the options above but still would like to explore who Jesus is for yourself, the following two resources are really helpful and we would encourage you to check them out.

Uncover Mark

Uncover is designed to help you explore the historical narratives about Jesus Christ

Two Ways to Live

Two Ways to Live explains very simply the message at the heart of Christianity