Onboard 2020

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When people talk about ‘judgement’, it normally seems to be pretty negative, because a judgement divides people, with winners and losers, and the whole idea of one person judging another just seems downright uncomfortable.

That is, until an act of injustice happens against you or someone you know and love. It seems natural to celebrate the judgment and justice against the guilty party. With this in mind, the Bible speaks over and over about God’s judgement against people who reject him and harm his good reputation.

It’s in the context of God’s judgement and punishment however that we see his gracious and glorious mercy to all of us who don’t deserve his kindness and love. Over four talks at Onboard, we will hear from God’s word of four episodes of God’s judgement and why that’s good news.

At Onboard 2020 we will seek it be anchored in God’s word, so that we can be discerning of the world around us and ensure that we don’t drift away from what is true. Join the Uni Bible Group as we hang out, get to know each other, and hear from God's word.   




March 20th, 2020 6:00 PM through March 22nd, 2020 2:00 PM
208 Minerva Rd
Wedderburn, NSW 2560
I'm in first year at Uni!
1 Night camping $ 60.00
2 Nights camping $ 75.00
1 Night cabin $ 80.00
2 Nights cabin $ 115.00
Daytime only - I'm not staying overnight
1 day $ 55.00
2 days $ 65.00
3 days $ 75.00
Onboard Donation
$10 donation $ 10.00
$20 donation $ 20.00
$30 donation $ 30.00
$40 donation $ 40.00
$50 donation $ 50.00
Family $ 300.00