Jesus Weeks is coming!

Every year in spring session, Uni Bible Group runs a time of heightened mission across UOW's main Wollongong campus. This fortnight is known as 'Jesus Week', because it is our aim to prompt everyone on campus to think deeper about who Jesus really is, and why that might be important to their lives.

Although we're always 'on mission' and telling others the incredibly good news of Jesus's death and resurrection, Jesus Weeks are a time where we work especially hard together to invite people along to Bible talks and special events.

This year, our theme is 'Jesus came' and 'Jesus is coming'. The first week (Week 2 of semester) will be focusing on the first coming of Jesus into the world, looking at how he came to bring lost people back to God. The second week (Week 3 of semester) will be looking at how Jesus will return again to earth someday, to bring justice. Our usual Bible Talks will be looking at this topics, plus Uni Bible Group will be performing the Mark Drama, an interative, theatre-in-the-round, 90 minute presentation of Jesus's life. Everyone is welcome to come along to these events. Please contact us for more information.