Education Networking Day


Friday 27th April, 3:30-6pm

UOW- Building 19.G026

Here is a great chance to

* Think through what it will look like to be a christian teacher in the work place.

* Discuss and hear about why schools are a good place to share Jesus.

* Hear about what gospel opportunities there are in the various types of schools.

*Meet principals and hear first hand what they are looking for when employing teachers.


Proclaiming Jesus-
Being a teacher who is committed to gospel/ Kingdom priorities as we wait for Jesus’ return.


Unique opportunities for the Gospel in Schools

Afternoon Tea

Presentation: Tony Willis

Tony has had many years teaching experience and is currently CEO of the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation.


Discussion Groups 

Why is teaching strategic for the sake of the Gospel?

Presentations of the different types of Schools and the Gospel opportunities they offer.

1. James Pietsch - Principal of Inaburra Christian School (Independent Christian School)

2. Naomi Wilkin - Head of School at Oran Park Anglican College (An Anglican Schools Corporation School)

3. James Rogers - Acting headmaster and Chaplain at The Illawarra Grammar School. (An Indepdent Anglican School)

4. Simon Lainson - Illawarra Christian School  (Parent Controlled Christian School)

Meet the Heads of Schools
Schools will have information available and you will have the opportunity to personally meet principals that are present. 
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