Don't waste your time at Uni!

by Josh Keatley


Three…four…five… years. That’s all the time we have at uni. But how do we use that time and freedom? Do we just study, study and study some more? Or have truckloads of freedom and spare time!

I believe there’s more to it. We can use this time to get to know Jesus better, to tell others about Him and to join the family of Christians to support and encourage each other. Here are three great ways we can avoid wasting our time at Uni:

1.       Uncover who Jesus is.

As Uni students, we have set time aside to learn, investigate and search for answers and skills that will help us in life to come. So why not also set aside time to hear and study the news of Jesus which can prepare us for something far better: Eternity! If Jesus is not your king, what better time than to get stuck in and investigate Him: Why not read the Bible with a friend? Why not check out a faculty Bible study or local church? If Jesus is your king, what better time than to get to know God better: Why not set aside time to train in godliness? Learn under amazing mentors? Grow deeper in love with your king? Let us all use our time at Uni to uncover Jesus!

2.       Go and make Jesus known.

Did you know that there are over 20000 students at UOW? That means thousands of chances to make Jesus known at Uni. Jesus call us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19). With the help of God Uni is a time we can go and make disciples of our friends, our classmates, or even strangers. I challenge you to give it a go. Why not ask a classmate what they think of Jesus? Try sharing the great news of Jesus with strangers? Come to the international Christian group (FOCUS) and make Jesus known to students from all around the world? At Uni, we can tell all types of people about Jesus. What’s stopping us?

3.       Join the family.

We have a few short years at Uni, so my challenge is to use this time join in with the great family of Christian brothers and sisters that will last on into eternity. It can often be hard to stand out as a Christian at Uni. Friends may look down on you, family might think you are weird, strangers might even hate you. But finding Christian family can act as a refuge from all that negativity. Christian friends can guide you to be more like Jesus through word and encouragement. Don’t miss out on growing together with the godly men and women around you at Uni Bible Group

Josh is a 3rd year Primary Ed student who was saved by Jesus’ 4 years ago. I love telling everyone I see about Jesus (Yewww!!), Kiama and table tennis… (in that order).